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Apply for the Certificate in Finance

Undergraduate Certificate in Finance

Apply for the Certificate in Finance

Students normally enter the program at the beginning of their junior year. All Princeton students can apply to the certificate program as long as they have taken the necessary prerequisite courses. About a third of the students who have earned the certificate in the past have come from home departments other than Economics or Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORFE).

Interested students must submit a completed application online by May 31 of their sophomore year to the program. If you’re a sophomore applying for admission by May 31, you should select your courses in April assuming that you are going to be admitted. You will receive admission decisions by July 31. At that point you can change your course selection if needed.

Apply for the Certificate in Finance


While a students’ overall academic record will be considered when a student applied, several foundation courses, or their equivalent, are required for admission into the program. These courses include: 

  1. Mathematics: Students must take one of: a) MAT175 b) MAT201 and MAT202 or equivalent EGR154 and EGR156 or c) MAT203 and MAT204. MAT 201 and MAT 202 are both strongly advised, though only the higher of the two grades is recorded for the purpose of fulfilling the entry requirements. Students who choose to fulfill this requirement by taking the one-semester MAT 175 will be responsible for mastering the linear algebra part of the curriculum on their own. 
  2. Microeconomics: ECO 300 (Microeconomic Theory) or ECO310 (Microeconomic Theory; A Mathematical Approach). No substitutions for these courses are allowed.
  3. Probability and Statistics: ORF 245 (Fundamentals of Statistics) or ECO 202 (Statistics and Data Analysis for Economists), or PSY 251 (Quantitative Methods), or SOC 301 (Sociological Research Methods), or POL 345 (Quantitative Analysis and Politics), or PHY 301 (Thermal Physics) and PHY 312 (Experimental Physics), or MAT 222 (Introduction to Statistics), or SPI 200 (Statistics for Social Science). A score of 5 in AP Statistics also fulfills the statistics prerequisite.

Grade minimums for entry

All majors must take these prerequisite courses for a letter grade (P/D/F is not allowed). 

Students with further questions about the admission process or the requirements should contact Academic Administrator Melanie Heaney-Scott. Questions regarding the eligibility of courses should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies Professor Yacine Ait-Sahalia.