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Undergraduate Certificate in Finance 2022 Prize Winners

Undergraduate Certificate in Finance

UCF Prize Winners

Bendheim Center for Finance 2022 Undergraduate Certificate in Finance Prizes Awarded

Each year, the Bendheim Center for Finance awards prizes to Undergraduate Certificate in Finance students. We’re pleased to share this year’s winners:


Michelle Woo, Winner of the Kathleen Traynor Research Fund Award

Michelle Woo

Kathleen Traynor Class of ’83 Research Fund Award

The 2022 Kathleen Traynor Research Fund Award winner is Michelle Woo. Michelle is a Computer Science major who had the highest GPA of our female certificate recipients. She also wrote an independent work to meet the Certificate requirements entitled “Implementing and Evaluating a Multidimensional Cointegration-Driven Futures Trading Strategy.” Her advisor was OREF visiting Lecturer Robert Almgren.
The Kathleen Traynor class of ’83 Research Fund Award was established this year by Kathleen Traynor ’83 Research Fund Award and is awarded to the graduating female senior with the highest GPA in coursework related to the Undergraduate Certificate in Finance.


Bingjian Li, Winner of the Birch Family prize

Bingjian Li

Birch Family Prize

The 2022 Birch Family Prize Winner is Bingjian Li. Bingjian is a Math major who had the overall highest GPA across the certificate class. He wrote an independent work as part of the Certificate requirements titled “Leveraged Token Rebalancing on Cryptocurrency Exchanges.” His advisor was Finance Visiting Lecturer Michael Lee.

The Birch Family Prize was established in 2004 by William D. Birch Jr. ’64 and William Marco Birch ’92. It is awarded to a graduating senior with the highest grade point average in course work related to the Undergraduate Certificate in Finance.