COVID-19 Information

The Bendhiem Center for Finance along with Princeton University is implementing a series of practices to enact the concept of social distancing.  The goal is to decrease the number of instances where we gather in large groups.

Most answers to your questions can be found on Princeton’s COVID-19 website and we do ask that you continue to use this source for information gathering for the most up to date information.

  • Beginning, Thursday, March 12th, The Center itself began to implement a rotational staff presence.  Each day there will be one staff member on campus for in person support.  All the remaining staff members will be working from home.  We will continue to monitor the situation and implement this practice until we feel it is not necessary any longer.
  • Beginning, March 23rd – all BCF classes will be virtual classroom classes throughout the remainder of the semester, more details can be found on the University COVID-19 website with further information about Teaching Continuity on McGraws page.  Undergraduate Students, who can return home are being advised to go home.
  • We understand that the MFIN program is a unique program and Princeton and BCF are considered your home, as we would hope it to be.  As such, the University and the department do not apply the same rules to leave the campus as is prescribed for undergraduate students. Graduate students can attend classes from your dorm/apartment/etc.  Additionally, it is being advised that international students not necessarily return home as returning to the US and to campus could be a challenge.  Students with an expected graduation and working assignments who are international can stay on campus and conduct business from their dorm/apartment/etc.  However, any students who have a state-based home and can and/or want to return home; are encouraged to do so.
  • All scheduled in person events for the semester have been postponed or will be virtual ZOOM events.  More will come about each event as we have final information.
  • All University sponsored travel is prohibited and non-Essential University sponsored domestic travel should be postponed or cancelled.  See the University COVID-19 page for further updates.