List 1: Financial Applications

COS 445: Networks, Economics and Computing
EAP 402: The Japanese Financial System
ECO 326: Economics of the Internet: The Digital Revolution
ECO 332: Economics of Health and Health Care
ECO 341: Public Finance
ECO 342: Money and Banking
ECO 344: Macroeconomic Policy
ECO 348: The Great Recession: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies
ECO 353: International Monetary Economics
ECO 361: Financial Accounting
ECO 365: Empirical Methodology in Finance
ECO 414: Introduction to Economic Dynamics
ECO 462: Portfolio Theory and Asset Management
ECO 463: International Financial Markets
ECO 464: Corporate Restructuring
ECO 465: Options, Futures and Financial Derivatives
ECO 466: Fixed Income: Models and Applications
ECO 467: Institutional Finance: Trading and Markets
ECO 468: Behavioral Finance
ECO 469: Valuation and Security Analysis
ECO 491: Cases in Financial Risk Management
ECO 492: Asian Capital Markets
ECO 493: Financial Crises
ECO 494: Chinese Financial and Monetary Systems
EGR 395: Venture Capital and Finance of Innovation
EGR 475: Building and Operating Complex and Regulated Ventures
ORF 335: Introduction to Financial Mathematics
ORF 350: Analysis of Big Data
ORF 435: Financial Risk Management
ORF 455: Energy and Commodities Markets
POL 345: Quantitative Analysis and Politics
POL 348: Politics and Finance
WWS 332: Quantitative Analysis for Public Policy
WWS 408: Finance and Public Policy
WWS 466: Financial History
WWS 524: Advanced Macroeconomics

List 2: General Methodology for Finance

APC 350: Introduction to Differential Equations
CEE 460: Risk Assessment and Management
COS 318: Operating Systems
COS 323: Computing for the Physical and Social Sciences
COS 333: Advanced Programming Techniques
COS 423: Theory of Algorithms
COS 424: Interacting with Data
COS 425: Database and Information Management Systems
COS 432: Information Security
COS 436: Human-Computer Interface Technology
COS 444: Electronic Auctions: Theory and Practice
COS 461: Computer Networks
ECO 311: Macroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach
ECO 312: Econometrics: A Mathematical Approach
ECO 313: Econometric Applications
ECO 315: Topics in Macroeconomics
ECO 317: The Economics of Uncertainty
ECO 321: Industrial Organization
ECO 322: Theory of Contracts and the Firm
ECO 370: American Economic History
ECO 385: Ethics and Economics
ECO 418: Strategy and Information
ECO 461: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Venture Capital
ELE 491/EGR 491: High-Tech Entrepreneurship
HIS 364: International Economic History in the 20th Century
MAE 305/MAT 391: Mathematics in Engineering I (ODE, PDE)
MAE 306/MAT 392: Mathematics in Engineering II (PDE, complex variables)
MAT 325: Analysis I: Fourier Series and Partial Differential Equations
MAT 330: Complex Analysis with Applications
MAT 335: Analysis II: Complex Analysis
MAT 385: Probability Theory
MAT 486: Random Processes
NEU 425/PSY 425: Neuroeconomics
ORF 307: Optimization
ORF 309: Probability and Stochastic Systems
ORF 311: Optimization under Uncertainty
ORF 374: Special Topics in Operations Research and Financial Engineering
ORF 401: Electronic Commerce
ORF 405: Regression and Applied Time Series
ORF 409: Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation
ORF 474: Special Topics in Operations Research and Financial Engineering
WWS 307/ECO 349: Public Economics
WWS 340/PSY 321: Psychology of Decision Making/Judgement
WWS 594N: Topics in Policy Analysis – Negotiation and Conflict
WWS 582f:  Topics in Econ – House of Debt: Understanding Macro & Financial Policy