What do I submit for the written requirement?

There are three potential individual papers to satisfy the requirements: Your thesis, where it is also fine if only a chapter has finance content Your junior paper, which would have to be a finance paper An independent work paper that also would have to be mainly finance (and not be part of a course you [...]

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Can I PDF a course?

All courses must be taken for a letter grade.  However, if you take MAT201/202 or higher, the second of the Math courses can be taken as a PDF as long as your other grade is strong.  You must advise us of your decision to do so at the time of application in the Additional information [...]

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I am a sophomore, and will apply for admission in the UCF by May 31. How should I select my courses during Spring pre-registration without knowing whether I will be admitted?

You should select your courses in April assuming that you are going to be admitted (see the course tracks for the Fall semester of the junior year). You will receive admission decisions by July 31. At that point you can change your course selection if need be.

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How can I apply for Summer Milestone Internship Credit?

In principle, you should apply through your concentration/department.  To receive Milestone Credit, the internship must be directly related to your declared concentration and the application can be found on this page: https://registrar.princeton.edu/sites/g/files/toruqf136/files/2020-02/Internship%20Milestone%20Credit%20Application.pdf  

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