How many students have earned the certificate?

You can see the certificate remains the most popular on campus with the largest number of students enrolled. The number of certificates awarded is very similar each year since its inception in 2000. Here are the past 5 year’s numbers: 2015 – 82 2016 – 94 2017 – 74 2018 – 80 2019 – 77

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Do you accept junior papers to satisfy the independent work requirement? Can the same independent work be used to satisfy multiple departmental and/or certificate requirements?

You may use the same independent work, including junior papers, to fulfill the finance certificate independent work requirement plus one other (your department’s requirement, or a different certificate’s requirement), but not more than one other.

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Can I PDF a course?

All courses must be taken for a letter grade.  However, if you take MAT201/202 or higher, the second of the Math courses can be taken as a PDF as long as your other grade is strong.  You must advise us of your decision to do so at the time of application in the Additional information [...]

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I would like to study abroad during my junior year. Can I fulfill the core course requirement (ECO362/363) by taking equivalent courses at a foreign institution?

The two core courses must be completed at Princeton. Students are permitted to use course(s) completed abroad to fulfill a maximum of one of their three elective courses.  You should consult with the UCF Director of Undergraduate Studies about the course(s) you wish to take abroad for UCF credit. Provide as much information as you [...]

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