Students completing the program in two years will have the opportunity to obtain the Graduate Certificate from the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML) if they successfully satisfy the conditions detailed here, in which case, this certificate will appear on the transcript of the graduating students. CSML has agreed to the following accommodations for the Master in Finance students attempting to complete the requirements of this certificate. The following details a few ways in which MFin students can satisfy these requirements. These road maps may not be the only ones leading to the certificate, but at this early stage, they have been approved both by BCF and CSML.

The CSML course requirements can be satisfied in the following way:

  • One Core Machine Learning Course: MFin students can choose between ELE 535, COS 402, COS 424, COS 485, and COS 511. ELE 535  is offered in the Fall and has been popular with MFin students in the past.  COS courses are not always offered (e.g. COS 402). COS 424, COS 485, and COS 511 are typically offered in the Spring.
  • One Core Statistics and Probability Course: MFin students can choose between ORF 524, ECO 513 and ELE 530. These courses are typically offered in the Fall.

NB: With the approval of the director of graduate studies, some of the courses listed above could be counted as credits towards the MFin degree.

An Appropriate Elective Course: Since all the MFin students take ORF 505, this requirement is automatically satisfied.

  • Beyond the course requirements outlined above, MFin students will have to take the graduate seminar SML 510. This seminar is offered both semesters. Note that it will not provide a credit toward the MFin degree.
  • Finally, MFin students will have to write a paper and make a technical presentation of the results contained in the paper.

This will done during the Spring semester of their second year within the framework of FIN 561, course listed as Master’s Project II. This course will be preceded by a two-week bootcamp in January run by a BCF faculty.

At the end of these two weeks, each student enrolled in FIN 561 will have settled on a project and the kind of data necessary to its completion. Completion of the research project and preparation of the paper will be done throughout the semester under the supervision of the BCF faculty.

Lastly, MFin students interested in Machine Learning and its applications are encouraged to consider MFin elective courses like ORF 522 in the Fall and FIN 580, ORF 523 and ORF 525 in the Spring.