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Zoom Information Session

Have a direct conversation with Markus Brunnermeier (BCF director), Caio Almeida (DGS) and Lindsay Bracken (Corporate Relations).

A Zoom link for the live informational session on Dec. 1 will be sent to you on Monday November 30th.

6 Self-assessment questions

1. When and why is the yield curve upward sloping? Provide an intuitive economic answer.

2. Let $X$ be a random variable with a density $f$. How do you write an expression for the expected value of $X$, $E(X)$?

3. What is the difference between a Gaussian distribution and a leptokurtic distribution?

4. Let $X$ be a continuous random variable with a density $f$ defined on the interval $[a,b]$. For a certain point $x ∈ [a,b]$, what is the probability that $X=x$, i.e., $P(X=x)$?

5. Let $a$ and $b$ be two points in $ℝ^2$, and $A=\{x ∈ ℝ^2: x = α a + (1- α) b, \text"for " 0 ≤ α ≤ 1\}$ and $B=\{x ∈ ℝ^2: x = α a + (1- α) b , \text"for " α ∈ ℝ \}$ two subsets of $ℝ^2$. Which of the two subsets is a linear subspace and why is it a linear subspace?

6. What is the probability distribution of a sum of $N$ i.i.d Bernoulli random variables with parameter of success $p$?