MFINS as Assistant-in-Instruction (new policy effective Fall 2016)

University policy states that self-paid students who hold Assistant-In-Instruction appointments or grading appointments are not eligible to receive tuition support from University funded teaching support.  However, students can seek and work as AI’s anywhere on campus but they will only receive the stipend amount associated with the allotted work hours:  Some AI assignments for FIN courses will be strictly grading assignments and will not have any contact with the students.  If an MFIN student becomes a grader the Center will pay the equivalent stipend rate based on the number of hours working as the AI stipend hourly rate up to a half AI assignment rate equivalent.  There is no tuition reduction.

Any possible FIN AI assignments must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies and typically only 2nd year MFIN students will be permitted to AI or grade any FIN, ECO or ORFE course.  When accepting a teaching assignment, be sure you understand what that assignments support is and the stipend rate.  You must notify the Center Manager and the Academic Administrator of any AI or grading assignment you take.

This link will help you understand how payment is made

The maximum number of hours that a student can work as an AI/TA, tutor or grader per semester is 3 AI hours the equivalent of a half TA, this is non-negotiable.

MFINS as Tutors (new policy effective Fall 2016)

Each year the Undergraduate Certificate Program is in need of senior thesis tutoring for any non-ECO/ORFE majors.  Occasionally there will also be a need for tutors for incoming first year MFINS.  The Director of Graduate Studies will need to approve any and all Second Year MFINS as tutors.

Tutors are required to spend a minimum of 1 hour per week with each tutee.  Undergraduate Certificate tutoring will be done on a group basis of approximately 5 students at a rate of $2000/per semester.  Master in Finance student tutoring will be determined on a case by case basis.  The Academic Administrator will conduct periodical status checking with both the tutor and the tutee to verify that the sessions are indeed happening and are useful.  If at any time the sessions stop or are not going well, the assignment will be terminated and the financial support discontinued.