Student Research Workshop2018-02-01T09:33:55+00:00

Meetings are held on Tuesdays, from 12:00 to 1:15 p.m., in BCF Room 108 (Lounge). Lunch will be served prior to the talk.

26feb12:00 pm1:15 pmYifan YuEvent:Student Research Workshop

05mar12:00 pm1:15 pmJulius VutzEvent:Student Research Workshop

12mar12:00 pm1:15 pmChristian WolfEvent:Student Research Workshop

26mar12:00 pm1:15 pmJoseph AbadiEvent:Student Research Workshop

02apr12:00 pm1:15 pmSimon SchmicklerEvent:Student Research Workshop

09apr12:00 pm1:15 pmYann KobyEvent:Student Research Workshop

16apr12:00 pm1:15 pmFernando MendoEvent:Student Research Workshop

23apr12:00 pm1:15 pmThomas KroenEvent:Student Research Workshop

30apr12:00 pm1:15 pmJason ZhangEvent:Student Research Workshop


19feb12:00 pm1:15 pmNatalie BachasMarket Power and Policy Pass-Through in Small Business LendingEvent:Student Research Workshop

12feb12:00 pm1:15 pmKarsten MuellerBusy Bankruptcy Courts and the Cost of CreditEvent:Student Research Workshop

11dec12:00 pm1:15 pmFernando MendoRisk to Control RiskEvent:Student Research Workshop

04dec12:00 pm1:15 pmFederico HuneeusThe Internal Labor Markets of Business GroupsEvent:Student Research Workshop

27nov12:00 pm1:15 pmFernando LopezRisk to Control RiskEvent:Student Research Workshop

13nov12:00 pm1:15 pmSimon SchmicklerGovernment Bond Supply Shocks and Asset PricesEvent:Student Research Workshop

06nov12:00 pm1:15 pmMoritz LenelThe short rate disconnect in a monetary economyEvent:Student Research Workshop

23oct12:00 pm1:15 pmYann KobyBanks, Market Power, and Monetary PolicyEvent:Student Research Workshop

16oct12:00 pm1:15 pmSebastian MerkelStock Price Cycles and Business CyclesEvent:Student Research Workshop

09oct12:00 pm1:15 pmJulia FonsecaFinancial Development, Labor Markets, and Aggregate Productivity: Evidence from BrazilEvent:Student Research Workshop

02oct12:00 pm1:15 pmChristian WolfInvestment Stimulus: From Micro Elasticities to Macro Counterfactuals Event:Student Research Workshop

25sep12:00 pm1:15 pmTerry MoonCapital Gains Tax and Real Corporate InvestmentEvent:Student Research Workshop

18sep12:00 pm1:15 pmDonghwa ShinWhy did complex retail financial products become so popular? - Evidence from big data analysisEvent:Student Research Workshop

01may12:00 pm1:15 pmChristian WolfMonetary Policy and the Banking System Event:Student Research Workshop

24apr12:00 pm1:15 pmZhiguo HeDecentralized Mining in Centralized PoolsEvent:Student Research Workshop

17apr12:00 pm1:15 pmDonghwa ShinWhy did complex retail financial products become so popular? - Evidence from big data analysisEvent:Student Research Workshop

10apr12:00 pm1:15 pmCaio IbsenNonparametric Assessment of Hedge Fund PerformanceEvent:Student Research Workshop

03apr12:00 pm1:15 pmFernando MendoA macroeconomic model of financial instabilityEvent:Student Research Workshop

27mar12:00 pm1:15 pmPaul HoEfficient Bubbles?Event:Student Research Workshop

13mar12:00 pm1:15 pmGiorgia BarboniCultural Proximity and Relationship Lending: Complements or Substitutes?Event:Student Research Workshop

06mar12:00 pm1:15 pmYann KobyThe Reversal Interest Rate (in General Equilibrium!)Event:Student Research Workshop