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Meetings are held on Tuesdays in Room JRRB – Room 108 (Lounge)
Lunch will be served @ 12:00 p.m. prior to the talk;   Presentation will be from 12:15 – 1:15 p.m.

22oct12:00 pm1:15 pmDan MorrisonEvent:Student Research Workshop

22oct12:00 pm1:15 pmJulius VutzEvent:Student Research Workshop

19nov12:00 pm1:15 pmJoseph AbadiEvent:Student Research Workshop

03dec12:00 pm1:15 pmJoao FerreiraEvent:Student Research Workshop

10dec12:00 pm1:15 pmNick HuangEvent:Student Research Workshop


15oct12:00 pm1:15 pmSimon SchmicklerEvent:Student Research Workshop

08oct12:00 pm1:15 pmYifan YuEvent:Student Research Workshop

24sep12:00 pm1:15 pmNicolas GauderonAsset Pricing and Monetary Policy with Reserve RequirementEvent:Student Research Workshop

30apr12:00 pm1:15 pmMarkus BrunnermeierInternational Monetary Theory: A Risk Perspective (with Yuliy Sannikov)Event:Student Research Workshop

23apr12:00 pm1:15 pmThomas KroenDistributional Implications of Bank Capital RequirementsEvent:Student Research Workshop

16apr12:00 pm1:15 pmMotohiro YogoExchange Rates and Asset Prices in a Global Demand SystemEvent:Student Research Workshop

09apr12:00 pm1:15 pmYann KobyPricing and Hedging Climate RiskEvent:Student Research Workshop

02apr12:00 pm1:15 pmSimon SchmicklerMachine Learning Demand System Asset PricingEvent:Student Research Workshop

26mar12:00 pm1:15 pmJoseph AbadiCommitment CyclesEvent:Student Research Workshop

12mar12:00 pm1:15 pmChristian WolfThe Missing Intercept: A Semi-Structural Approach to General Equilibrium EffectsEvent:Student Research Workshop

05mar12:00 pm1:15 pmJulius VutzMonetary Policy and risk-based deviations from uncovered interest parityEvent:Student Research Workshop

26feb12:00 pm1:15 pmYifan YuInstitutional Demand for Corporate BondsEvent:Student Research Workshop

19feb12:00 pm1:15 pmNatalie BachasMarket Power and Policy Pass-Through in Small Business LendingEvent:Student Research Workshop

12feb12:00 pm1:15 pmKarsten MuellerBusy Bankruptcy Courts and the Cost of CreditEvent:Student Research Workshop

11dec12:00 pm1:15 pmFernando MendoRisk to Control RiskEvent:Student Research Workshop

04dec12:00 pm1:15 pmFederico HuneeusThe Internal Labor Markets of Business GroupsEvent:Student Research Workshop

27nov12:00 pm1:15 pmFernando LopezRisk to Control RiskEvent:Student Research Workshop

13nov12:00 pm1:15 pmSimon SchmicklerGovernment Bond Supply Shocks and Asset PricesEvent:Student Research Workshop

06nov12:00 pm1:15 pmMoritz LenelThe short rate disconnect in a monetary economyEvent:Student Research Workshop

The seminar meets on Wednesdays, 2:50-4:00 p.m., in the Bendheim Center for Finance, Room 101. If you have questions, or would like to be added to the email list for the seminar, please contact Kelsey Richardson.

23oct2:50 pm4:00 pmYifan Yu, Princeton UniversityEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

06nov2:50 pm4:00 pmSebastian Di Tella, Stanford UniversityEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

20nov2:50 pm4:00 pmSebastian Merkel, Princeton UniversityEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

04dec2:50 pm4:00 pmEmanuele Colonneli, Chicago BoothEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

11dec2:50 pm4:00 pmTim Landvoigt, University of PennsylvaniaEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar


16oct2:50 pm4:00 pmYann Koby, Princeton UniversityEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

09oct2:50 pm4:00 pmChristian Wolf, Princeton UniversityEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

02oct2:50 pm4:00 pmChenzi Xu, Harvard UniversityReshaping Global Trade: The Immediate and Long-Run Effects of Bank FailuresEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

25sep2:50 pm4:00 pmJohan Hombert, HECCan Risk Be Shared Across Investor Cohorts? Evidence from a Popular Savings Product?Event:Civitas Finance Seminar

17sep12:45 pm2:00 pmNick Barberis, Yale UniversityProspect Theory and Stock Market AnomaliesEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

24apr2:50 pm4:00 pmSong Ma, Yale School of ManagementEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

17apr2:50 pm4:00 pmDavid Sraer, UC BerkeleyEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

10apr2:50 pm4:00 pmNicolae Gârleanu, UC BerkeleyEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

27mar2:50 pm4:00 pmAndrés Liberman, NYU Stern School of BusinessEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

11mar2:50 pm4:00 pmItamar Drechsler, Wharton School of BusinessEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

06mar2:50 pm4:00 pmAdam Szeidl, Central European UniversityDirect and Indirect Effects of Financial Access on SMEsEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

27feb2:50 pm4:00 pmPaolo Zaffaroni, Imperial College LondonBeyond the Bound: Pricing Assets with Misspecified Stochastic Discount FactorsEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

20feb2:50 pm4:00 pmStefano Giglio, Yale School of ManagementEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

13feb2:50 pm4:00 pmAnthony DeFusco, Northwestern UniversityRegulating Household LeverageEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

12dec2:50 pm4:00 pmPeter GanongLiquidity vs. Wealth in Household Debt Obligations: Evidence from Housing Policy in the Great RecessionEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

05dec2:50 pm4:00 pmSimone Lenzu, NYUSources and Implications of Resource Misallocation: New Evidence from Firm-Level Marginal Products and User CostsEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

28nov2:50 pm4:00 pmChaojun Wang, WhartonWhy Trade Over-the-Counter? When Investors Want Price DiscriminationEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar

07nov2:50 pm4:00 pmDonghwa Shin, Princeton UniversityExtrapolation and ComplexityEvent:Civitas Finance Seminar