You can access the application by clicking on “Respond to this Survey” on the upper left side of the page. The Application is not available until after the Open House has taken place. If you are experiencing trouble connecting or submitting an application, please contact the Academic Administrator, Melanie Heaney-Scott.

Application Deadline: May 31 of your sophomore year.

Admission decisions will be emailed on or before July 31 to the address you indicated on the form.  

A grade of P in place of a letter grade can be used to satisfy the admission requirements, or the certificate core or elective courses, for courses taken during the spring 2020 semester only.

As economic theory, mathematics, and probability and statistics are pervasive in modern financial analysis, completion of the certificate in finance requires mathematical ability and preparation. The following foundation courses, or their equivalent, are required for admission into the program and (except as noted) must be completed by the end of the sophomore year. All courses require a letter grade (pass/fail not allowed). A typical course of study for incoming freshmen that will allow for a smooth completion of the certificate requirements is described in the Requirements Section.

Choose one of the following options:
1) MAT201 and MAT202 or equivalent such as EGR154 and EGR156 strongly advised; only the highest of the two grades is recorded for the purpose of fulfilling the entry requirements. We also accept more advanced course such as MAT203 and MAT204. ECO and ORF students taking MAT201 and MAT202 (or more advanced) will have a lower GPA prerequisite courses requirement (see below).
2) MAT 175 (one-semester) – Students will be responsible for mastering the linear algebra part of the curriculum on their own.

Choose one of the following options:
1) ECO300: Microeconomic Theory
2) ECO310: Microeconomic Theory: A Mathematical Approach
Note: With permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, ECO300 or ECO310 may be taken during the junior year (concurrently with the core course ECO362) by concentrators in departments other than ECO and ORF.

Probability and Statistics
Choose one of the following options for an introductory course in probability and statistics, such as:
1) ECO202: Statistics and Data Analysis for Economists, or
2) ORF245: Fundamentals of Engineering Statistics, or
3) PSY251: Quantitative Methods, or
4) SOC301: Sociological Research Methods, or
5) POL345: Quantitative Analysis and Politics, or
6) SPI 200: Statistics for Social Science
7) PHY 301: Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics and PHY 312: Advanced Laboratory
OR a score of 5 in AP Statistics

The applicant’s latest transcript will be obtained directly from the Registrar’s office. There is no need to include a copy of your transcript.

I would like to use the same course for a prerequisite and also as an elective, is this possible?2019-03-05T09:18:48-05:00

No, courses can only be used once to fulfill any Certificate in Finance requirement.

Can I use an equivalent course?2020-08-13T16:33:12-04:00

No, we do not accept any equivalent courses without the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

What do I submit for the written requirement?2019-03-25T10:42:31-04:00

There are three potential individual papers to satisfy the requirements:

  1. Your thesis, where it is also fine if only a chapter has finance content
  2. Your junior paper, which would have to be a finance paper
  3. An independent work paper that also would have to be mainly finance (and not be part of a course you took but a separate piece of work)
Can I PDF a course?2020-08-13T16:35:11-04:00

All courses must be taken for a letter grade.  However, if you take MAT201/202 or higher, the second of the Math courses can be taken as a PDF as long as your other grade is strong.  You must advise us of your decision to do so at the time of application in the Additional information section.  Additionally, if you have taken a course for P/D/F that you want to use, you can ask for the P/D/F can be rescinded, see the policy in the  Undergraduate Announcement under Grading in the Policies tab. A grade of P in place of a letter grade can be used to satisfy the admission requirements, or the certificate core or elective courses, for courses taken during the spring 2020 semester only.

What happens if I have not fulfilled all the requirements for the UCF by the end of my senior year?2020-08-13T16:37:15-04:00

You can drop from the UCF at any time. If you have not fulfilled all the requirements of the UCF, you will not receive the certificate. Additionally, you can drop from the UCF at any time; please notify the Academic Administrator Melanie Heaney-Scott.

I am a sophomore, and will apply for admission in the UCF by May 31. How should I select my courses during Spring pre-registration without knowing whether I will be admitted?2018-02-23T10:20:27-05:00

You should select your courses in April assuming that you are going to be admitted (see the course tracks for the Fall semester of the junior year). You will receive admission decisions by July 31. At that point you can change your course selection if need be.

How can I apply for Summer Milestone Internship Credit?2020-03-04T08:05:43-05:00

In principle, you should apply through your concentration/department.  To receive Milestone Credit, the internship must be directly related to your declared concentration and the application can be found on this page:


I am not an Economics or ORFE major. Can I still apply to the UCF?2020-03-03T14:19:19-05:00

Absolutely, so long as you have taken all necessary prerequisites courses, apply, and fulfill all the UCF requirements. In fact, about a third of the UCF students major in a department other than Economics or ORFE.

I am not a Princeton undergraduate student. Can I still get the UCF?2018-02-23T10:20:13-05:00

The short answer is: no.

I have taken MAT201 but not MAT202. Do I still need to take MAT202 to fulfill the UCF prerequisites?2020-08-13T16:41:01-04:00

Yes, you have to take one of MAT175 OR {MAT201 AND MAT202} OR {MAT203 AND MAT204}

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