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Academic Programs

Through graduate and undergraduate programs, Princeton BCF aims to educate a new generation of innovators in finance and monetary economics.

Master in Finance

The Princeton BCF Master in Finance is one of the top-rated quantitative finance programs in the world, accepting students from across the globe for a rigorous program designed to prepare them for competitive positions in the public and private sector.

Undergraduate Minor in Finance

Princeton undergraduates concentrating in any department can apply to pursue the Minor in Finance. The Minor is designed to attest to students’ proficiency in the field of finance, including the pricing of financial assets, banking and financial intermediation, financial regulatory policy, corporate finance and governance, and more.

Promoting innovation in finance through programs for graduate and undergraduate students.

Princeton BCF offers academic programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Each year, close to one hundred students enroll in the Undergraduate Minor in Finance. In addition to advising and mentoring Ph.D. students from the Economics Department and other departments, the center also operates one of the world’s top-rated master’s programs in quantitative finance.

Advising Team

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Professor Yacine Ait-Sahalia

Director of Graduate Studies

Professor Caio Ibsen Rodrigues de Almeida

Manager of Career Development and External Relations

Lindsay Bracken

Academic Administrator

Melanie Heaney Scott