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Falling Rates and Rising Superstars

Thomas KroenErnest LiuAtif MianAmir Sufi
Monetary Economics

Interactions between Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Monetary Economics

What explains the decline in r*? Rising income inequality versus demographic shifts

Atif MianLudwig StraubAmir Sufi

Published Papers

Each year, our faculty publish dozens of papers in top academic journals

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Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

November 2017


A Hybrid Spline-Based Parametric Model for the Yield Curve

Adriano FariaCaio Almeida

Annals of Statistics

June 2021


A shrinkage principle for heavy-tailed data: High-dimensional robust low-rank matrix recovery

Jianqing Fan Weichen WangZiwei Zhu

The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review

September 2021


The Evolution from Life Insurance to Financial Engineering

Ralph S. J. KoijenMotohiro Yogo


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Endeavor Literary Press

August 2021


The Resilient Society

World Scientific

April 2021

Monetary Economics

A Safe-Asset Perspective for an Integrated Policy Framework

Markus BrunnermeierSebastian MerkelYuliy Sannikov

Princeton University Press


The Handbook of China’s Financial System

Marlene AmstadGuofeng SunWei Xiong

Notes & Proposals

Notes & policy proposals can be found here

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October 2021


Policy implications for building a resilient society

March 22, 2020


Evergreening loans to support small and medium-sized enterprises during COVID-19

Markus BrunnermeierArvind Krishnamurthy

March 2020

Monetary Economics

Throwing a COVID-19 Liquidity Lifeline

Markus BrunnermeierJean-Pierre LandauMarco PaganoRicardo Reis