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Apply for the Master in Finance

Master in Finance

Apply For the Master in Finance Program

Thank you for your interest in applying to Princeton BCF’s Master in Finance program. The application period for Fall 2022 will open in Mid-September 2021 and will close on January 3, 2022. Students should apply on the Princeton Graduate School website.

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Prospective students can find vital information about the program’s application process below. For unanswered questions, please visit this page of Common Questions about the Master in Finance Program.

Program Length and Fees

The Master in Finance program is four semesters. A small number of students with strong prior knowledge of the field, mathematical aptitude, and work experience are given the opportunity to take a compressed two semester program. We will only make a determination about your ability to complete the program in one year after you have been admitted to the program. For more information on the compressed program, please contact Melanie Heaney-Scott at

The cost of tuition and the required health plan fee for 2021-2022 is $58,790. More details about tuition and fees are available online at the Graduate School website. The application fee is $95.

Application Process and Timeline

Prospective students interested in applying to the Master in Finance Program should apply through the Graduate School at Princeton University. Application materials due by January 3.

Students will be required to submit academic transcripts, three letters of recommendations, a personal statement, and GRE or GMAT test scores. For students whose native language is not English and who did not complete their entire undergraduate education in an English-speaking country, TOEFL or IELTS test scores are required.

All applicants should receive a response to their application by March 15. Due to the large number of candidates that apply each year, it is not possible for us to inform applicants if their applications are incomplete, or give other information during the review process.

Admitted students will need to respond by April 15. On-campus housing will be guaranteed only to students whose completed housing application has been received by the university by the reply deadline of April 15.

Letters of Recommendation

While the Graduate School requests letters of recommendation from faculty, we will accept at least one from an employer if you are coming back to school from the workplace. Please register your recommenders as early as possible to give them time to submit their letters. While letters of recommendation are also due by the strict deadline of January 3, please do not wait to submit an application because of pending letters as you may miss the strict deadline.

More on the GRE and GMAT

Students can submit GMAT scores instead of GRE scores. MBA programs tend to favor the GMAT, but if you are focused on our Master in Finance or similar programs, the GRE is less expensive, more frequently offered, and is our preferred test. The two tests differ in a number of ways. It’s important to be aware that the GRE general test changed in August 2011. Information on those changes can be found here.

When students register for either test, they must specify that their scores be sent to the Princeton University Office of Graduate Admission. Princeton’s code for the GRE is 2672, and WC1-L5-59 for the GMAT. Princeton does not use department codes. It takes four to six weeks for scores to be released to the Office of Graduate Admission following your request.

Finally, note that there are a number of reputable test preparation programs online. In the U.S., Kaplan and Princeton Review have the longest track record. Princeton Review and many other firms have offices throughout the world. There are many books also available for self-study and students can find free sample tests here. Note: Princeton Review is not connected to Princeton University.

Questions About an Application

All information and questions regarding your electronic application should be directed to the Graduate Admission Office. For information on how to check the status of a submitted application, visit this page.

For technical application issues you should contact ApplyWeb. The ApplyWeb Help Desk is available from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time. If you are having difficulty applying online email for assistance. Please allow 24 hours for a response. When contacting the Help Desk, please include your user name or order ID number, full name, email address and phone number. If you suspect a problem with your GRE/TOEFL test scores, please contact Educational Testing Services directly. Do not wait until the deadline to submit your application. We do not accept late applications, and if a prospective student misses the deadline due to technical difficulties they will not be able to apply.

Insight from a former student

Finally, those looking for insight from a former student might enjoy this video from former Master in Finance student Srishti Singla.