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Markus Brunnermeier

Director, Princeton’s Bendheim Center for Finance
Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Economics, Department of Economics

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As Princeton BCF Director, Brunnermeier aims to position the center as a world leader in shaping new approaches to finance teaching, research, and tools.

Originally from Landshut, Germany, Brunnermeier has been with Princeton since completing his Ph.D. at the London School of Economics. His research focuses on international financial markets and the macroeconomy with special emphasis on bubbles, liquidity, financial and monetary price stability, and digital money.

In 2020, Brunnermeier was elected as Vice President of the American Finance Association. He has been a member of several advisory groups, including the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the European Systemic Risk Board, the Bundesbank, and the U.S. Congressional Budget Office.

Brunnermeier was appointed the Director of Princeton BCF in 2014. He was preceded by Professor Yacine Ait-Sahalia, the founding director from 1998 to 2014.

Brunnermeier’s Vision for Princeton BCF

“As Director of Princeton BCF, innovation is always at the forefront my mind. With each year that passes, new developments in technology, machine learning, and statistical methods continue to transform the field of finance. In the years to come, these developments may lead us to re-evaluate many of the field’s core principles, including even the fundamental features of money.

To maintain our position as one of the world’s leading research and academic programs in finance, we must constantly evaluate our coursework and research methodologies. Today, new online tools allow us to share knowledge globally like never before, and we at Princeton BCF aim to take advantage of this ability at every turn. In addition to making many of our lectures for Ph.D. students available on our YouTube channel, I recently started a regular webinar series—Markus’ Academy—to connect viewers around the globe with insights from leading economists.

To learn more new Princeton BCF initiatives in support of this vision, I hope you’ll read my Director’s Message in this year’s Annual Report.”

Read Brunnermeier’s Message in the 2023 Annual Report

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