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Monetary Economics

The Digitalization of Money


Research Topics

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The Data Privacy Paradox and Digital Demand

Long ChenYadong HuangShumiao OuyangWei Xiong
Monetary Economics

Credit Horizons

Nobuhiro KiyotakiJohn MooreShengxing Zhang

The Flight to Safety and International Risk Sharing

Rohan KekreMoritz Lenel

The Saving Glut of the Rich

Atif MianLudwig StraubAmir Sufi

Low-Frequency Analysis of Economic Time Series

Industrial Organization

The Value of Time: Evidence from Auctioned Cab Rides

Nicholas BuchholzLaura DovalJakub KastlFilip MatejkaTobias Salz

Low Interest Rates, Market Power, and Productivity Growth


Rent-Extraction from the Unemployment Insurance System: The Role of Firms

Bernardus Van DoornikDavid SchoenherrJanis Skrastins
Economic Theory

Implementation in Advised Strategies: Welfare Guarantees from Posted-Price Mechanisms when Demand Queries are NP-hard.

Linda CaiClayton ThomasMatt Weinberg
Development Economics

Misallocation and Capital Market Integration: Evidence from India

Natalie BauAdrien Matray

A More Robust t-Test

Generalized Local-To-Unity Models

Aggregate Implications of Changing Sectoral Trends

Andrew FoersterAndreas HornsteinPierre-Daniel SarteMark W. Watson

Data Privacy and Temptation

Zhuang LiuMichael SockinWei Xiong

Resolving the Excessive Trading Puzzle: An Integrated Approach Based on Surveys and Transactions

Hongqi LiuCameron PengWei A. XiongWei Xiong

Primary Dealers and the Demand for Government Debt

Jason AllenJakub KastlMilena Wittwer
Development Economics

Contractual Restrictions and Debt Traps

Ernest LiuBen Roth

Exchange Rates and Asset Prices in a Global Demand System

Ralph S. J. KoijenMotohiro Yogo

Which Investors Matter for Global Equity Valuations and Expected Returns?

Ralph S. J. KoijenRobert J. RichmondMotohiro Yogo

Deep PQR: Solving Inverse Reinforcement Learning using Anchor Actions

Sinong GengHoussam NassifCarlos A. ManzanaresA. Max ReppenRonnie Sircar