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Markus' Academy

Hosted from Princeton, available for everyone worldwide.

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Every Thursday at 12:30 PM ET, Princeton Bendheim Center for Finance Director Markus Brunnermeier hosts a lunchtime lecture by an acclaimed academic or thought leader on critical issues facing the global economy.

This semester, beginning September 24, Markus’ Academy will host weekly conversations with thought leaders including Esther Duflo, MIT Professor and 2019 recipient of the Nobel Prize, Jean Tirole, Professor at the Tolouse School of Economics and 2014 recipient of the Nobel Prize, and Chris Sims, Professor at Princeton University and a 2011 recipient of the Nobel Prize.

Visit the webinar series page to see all scheduled events and sign up for individual events, or sign up for the entire series on this page.

If you sign up for the whole series, we’ll make sure you get the information to join via Zoom every Thursday morning.

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