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Request Course Material on “The Resilient Society”

In “The Resilient Society”—a timely examination of how Covid-19 affected institutions around the globe—Princeton Professor Markus Brunnermeier distills valuable lessons from the pandemic for responding to the next major shock.

While the book contains valuable insights for business professionals, policymakers, and others, much of the material was designed with Brunnermeier’s students in mind. In the weeks ahead, Princeton’s Bendheim Center for Finance will make portions of the book freely available to university professors and other educators interested in incorporating its lessons into their coursework.

The book includes useful discussions of:

  • What is resilience and how does it differ from risk, robustness, and sustainability?
  • What did we learn about macroeconomic resilience, and the role of central banks as guardians of financial resilience?
  • How will living through the pandemic change individuals’ appetite for risk, and other elements of social and economic “scarring”?
  • What resilience challenges will be faced by emerging economies?

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