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Common Questions

Undergraduate Certificate in Finance

Common Questions

Common Questions for Undergraduate Certificate in Finance Students

Here are a few other questions we often get from students pursuing the Certificate: 

Can I take a course as P/D/F?

All courses must be taken for a letter grade. However, if you take MAT201/202 or higher, the second of the Math courses can be taken as a PDF as long as your other grade is strong. You must advise the center of your decision to do so at the time of application in the additional information section. Additionally, if you have taken a course for P/D/F that you want to use, you can ask for the P/D/F to be rescinded. See the policy in the Undergraduate Announcement under Grading in the Policies tab. A grade of P in place of a letter grade can be used to satisfy the admission requirements, or the certificate core or elective courses, for courses taken during the spring 2020 semester only.

Can I use an equivalent course to meet a requirement?

No, unless already noted on the website, we do not accept any equivalent courses without the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Can I use the same course for a prerequisite and also as an elective?

No, courses can only be used once to fulfill any Certificate in Finance requirement.

Can I take ECO 300 or ECO 310 at the same time as ECO 362?

Yes, you may take them at the same time in the fall of your junior year.  However, admission is provisional until completion of all prerequisites.

Do I have to take ECO 300 or ECO 310 for a letter grade? I took is as a P/D/F before I enrolled in the Undergraduate Certificate in Finance program.

All courses used to satisfy the certificate requirements require a letter grade (P/D/F not allowed). Note that a previous P/D/F election for a course can be rescinded to a letter grade only at the time the student enrolls in the program. To learn more read the policy on Rescinding a P/D/F.

I would like to study abroad during my Junior Year. Can I fulfill the core course requirement (ECO 362/363) by taking equivalent courses at a foreign institution?

The two core courses must be completed at Princeton. Students are permitted to use course(s) completed abroad to fulfill a maximum of one of their three elective courses.  You should consult with the UCF Director of Undergraduate Studies Yacine Ait-Sahalia about the course(s) you wish to take abroad for UCF credit. Provide as much information as you can about your proposed course(s) abroad, including at a minimum a course description and syllabus. We approve courses taken elsewhere only if they are of comparable standards and taken at comparable institutions. We only accept regular semester courses (no summer session or online courses).


Can Undergraduate Certificate in Finance Certificate students take 500-level FIN, ORF, or ECO courses?

In general, students with an exceptional academic record will be allowed, with the permission of the UCF Director of Undergraduate Studies, to take a 500 level course to satisfy part of their elective requirements.

Does the topic of my independent work need to be pre-approved?

Refer to the sample topics from previous years provided above, under Independent Work. You should discuss your choice of topic with your independent work advisor. You do not need pre-approval of your topic from Director of Undergraduate Studies as long as it is a finance topic.

Do you accept Junior Papers to satisfy the independent work requirement? Can the same independent work be used to satisfy multiple departmental and/or Certificate requirements?

You may use the same independent work, including junior papers, to fulfill the finance certificate independent work requirement plus one other (your department’s requirement, or a different certificate’s requirement), but not more than one other.

Can I drop the Certificate?

Yes, you can drop from the Certificate in Finance program at any time. If you have not fulfilled all the requirements, you will not receive the certificate. If you do decide to drop out of the program, please notify the Academic Administrator Melanie Heaney-Scott.

Is there a final GPA I must meet to earn the Certificate?

Yes there is. All students must have earned a minimum of C+ [2.30] averaged out over the 2 Core courses and the 3 Elective courses.

Is there a ceremony for the Certificate in Finance recipients at graduation?

We have a small celebration for students who have earned the Finance Certificate. Actual certificates are issued directly to you by the University Registrar.