Princeton-BCF China Initiative

The Princeton-BCF China initiative aims to develop an interface for facilitating collaborative research and academic exchanges between faculty and students in Princeton and China. This initiative serves the quickly growing demands from academic and policy communities across the world to systematically study the Chinese economy and its financial system and the risks and opportunities it presents to the global economy. Despite having the 2nd largest economy in the world, China has a very different institutional structure from most western countries. Princeton economists can substantially benefit from interacting with local scholars and researchers in China, who tend to have better institutional knowledge about the Chinese economy and better access to Chinese economic data. At the same time, local academics can also learn from Princeton economists, who have better understanding of fundamental economics concepts and more rigorous training in modern economic analysis methods. This initiative tries to bridge these gaps and provide an intellectual interface between researchers in China and top academics at Princeton. It also aims to provide a platform for both graduate and undergraduate students in Princeton to visit China and study China.

The Princeton-BCF China initiative is coordinated by Wei Xiong, Trumbull-Adams Professor of Finance and Professor of Economics, together with the director of BCF.

The Princeton-BCF China initiative currently has the following elements:

  • Academic visitors
    • Wenzhe Li from People’s Bank of China, 2016-2017
  • Post-doc program
    • Ting Chen, 2016-2018